Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Hope it's a good one!

I have lots of fun stuff planned for this year so I hope business hangs in there, we need a couple more accounts to keep us sailing smoothly! Luckily we got most of this years trips booked and paid for!! Plan ahead folks, plan ahead!!

The end of this month will find Charlie racing at Irwindale and my friend Mary is coming to visit for the weekend, we will do some scrapbooking with a new group called Scrappin' escapes we are going to try it out to see if they can replace Croppin'away We are not sure if Carolyn is going to be continuing her fabulous crops but we need to go somewhere until she decides what she is doing! We miss her crops!

February I will be going to Art and Soul for the first time, my sister Christy is coming out to join me and I get to stay at the Paris hotel, they have a great buffet there and I have never stayed at the Paris, you do know I am trying to stay at every hotel on the strip, it is on my bucket list!!

More highlights this year will be my Alaska cruise in August and Travis' wedding in October! So stay tuned for more fun from Las Vegas!

Oh and check my cooking blog, I have been cooking lots of new stuff and there is plenty more to be made as we are trying to cut back on restaurant bills!

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