Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas time!

Well, another fabulous christmas at our house!
Charlie spoiled me rotten as boots, a wii, cashmere sweater, gloves and scarves, a new jim shore snowman for my collection....I was really good this year!!! hee-hee.
Travis and rebecca were here, she got travis a new tattoo for his birthday so we went christmas eve to watch him get it to follow...

It was a nice quiet day with the kids flying home to see rebeccas family and I stayed here to cook dinner, joe and ethan stopped by and we had fun playing on my new wii. We got charlie's mom on skpe to talk to her daughter in new zealand face to face, boy, that was fun, she did not expect to be talking to margie face to face and it was a shocker for her, but it will be nice she can talk to her live all the time!! They are very close and it was a christmas to remember with them being together over the world wide web!! They even left skype up and on and watched us play on the wii and saw us eat dinner while they ate breakfast, did you know when it is 3:00 pm here it is the next day and 11:00 am there...amazing!!

So all in all it was a nice christmas, I loved having my son here, he announced that he and rebecca will be getting married Oct. 23 2010!! So exciting!!!
Hope everyone had a great christmas...see you all in 2010!!

Travis's birthday gift, a poker chip set and table layout!

The happy couple! His new tattoo!

Me in all my christmas morning glory!!

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