Sunday, January 10, 2010


Neil Young Guitar:I have spent the weekend making more guitars and getting them put in my Etsy shop. Hope you like them, I have so much fun making them and naming them!!

I love Neil Young's "Like a Hurricane", the guitar has swirls like an actual hurricane happening! Then you have a purple guitar that has lines that look like rain, so that is, of course, Prince's purple rain guitar! Plenty more in the store, go check them out! I am going to be listing more items in etsy and ebay, I have my sons wedding and a cruise to raise funds for so please support your starving artists! Thank you so much!


Tanya said...

The shop looks awesome...GREAT pictures - they ROCK! Seriously.

Love, Tanya

Colleen said...

Verrrrrrrry nice Chica! I guess I should get busy and put my stuff on etsy! Hope you sell all of them!!!!

Tanya said...

I wanted to see if my picture would show up this time - sorry, but you are the guinea pig. ME