Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jewelry Fun!

These Jewlery Girls celebrated their birthdays in september so at open bead day we had cake and watched them open some pretty amazing gifts, all the women in the group are so talented, birthdays are such a special treat!

Here's Tanya, that is an altered art shadow box I made her, she likes all things spooky and creepy!!

That's Miss Patty, she looks great in those glasses!! I made her a bracelet that says "sing sweet bird" as she is always belting out in songs!!

That's our fearless leader, Colleen, (tanya calls her "boss"), I made her a shadow box with the starfish story in it and a necklace to go with it, it has a beach looking bead and a starfish and a little silver art piece that says "it matters to that one"....I had such a fun time figuring out to what to make for my friends!! They are really special to me, each one unique and wonderful!!


Colleen Mcgraw said...

Jackie, I love my Starfish story and the story inside the story ... It matters to me!! Thanks so much for being the beautiful spirt you are!!

Tanya said...

Yeah, YOU ROCK, GIRLFRIEND! I LOVE my spooky little witch in a box! There's lots and lots of love and creativity sealed in there with her. Thanks for the gift and, more importantly, the friendship!!!!! Tanya

Anonymous said...

Since you gave me my "special" bracelet, I've worn it practically every day--I love it and love you too! Thank you so much.
Pat K