Saturday, September 26, 2009

Busy weekend!

Wow it feels like sunday, I have been on the go all weekend so far!

Friday I went to dinner with Tanya, Jerry and June at Hofbrauhouse, wow, that was one crazy place! Beer was everywhere and guys were getting shots and swats of jagermeister, yeah get a shot and the server swats you with a paddle!! Germans and beer are a weird combo! Food was not what I expected but I am glad I tried it, some suasages, potaotes and saurkraut.

Then we went to the Hardrock hotel across the street and saw Van Morrison, damn he is still rocking good!! Loved it!

Tanya was my DD so she dropped me at sunset station where I met up with my hubby who was coming back from being at the henderson car show all day, we slept in and had coffee together, then he left to finish the carshow and I met up with Pat K and Amanda for breakfast and bingo. I won 7.00, Pat won 34.00 and our lucky little Amanda won 225.00!!! Whhheeeee! I am back home and gotta get going on laundry and house work!

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Tanya said...

...because as you know, in fashion, one day you awe in, and the next day, you awe OUT - Auf Weidersehen!

Had the BEST time and yes, the beer garden was weird...any place that refers to a menu item as Weiner Art, we should have been wary of! :-)

Van Morrison ROCKS! Tanya