Saturday, October 3, 2009

Copper Class!!

I love going to copper class, the cutting, hammering, the filing, it is all so thereputic! If you have never taken a metal class, especially copper work, run right out and join one, it is the most fun you can have with a hammer! We cut, pounded, colored a cuff bracelet, but while everyone was making their second piece, that was supposed to be a leaf pendant, I made a ring to match my cuff...I know, I know, I am such a rebel but wow is this a nice set or what?? I love it!! Goes great with my tan that will soon be fading due to tempatures in the dang 60's here...Oh my gosh, who turned off the heat!!! Well I have lots of jewelry classes to keep me happy and warm, so stay tuned! Oh coming up is a guitar bracelet that will go great with my guitar necklaces!
If you are in vegas and want to take jewelry classes go to and contact Colleen...and if you want to buy any of my jewelry creations check out my etsy shop at hey, that didn't sound too much like a commercial did it???


Tanya said...

TOO COOL!!!!! - what a GREAT set! When your tan is gone, you'll be able to see the copper even more! :-)


Anonymous said...

Your bracelet and ring are great! I hope Colleen puts on a 3rd copper class in November!

I hope you're not going to sell these!


Amanda said...

These are beautiful Jackie. Great job!

Mandy said...

I love working with the sheet metal and all the tools too!!! You did a great job, love the ring!