Friday, October 5, 2007

Get Creative...

I love this is called Lovely Layers. (click on picture to see it close up) It is a wire wrapping class because each component has to be wire wrapped and added to the chain. Did I say I love this necklace! I am working hard to finish it but I do not work well outside the box and you have to just be willy nilly with this one and just add randomly....uh, this does not compute well in my "little pre orginized all my little ducks in a row brain" so I am struggling, but I hope there is no right or wrong with this. I think as long as I love it, it will be ok.
The boys are at the race track practicing for saturday race night so the ipod is on and the coffee is brewing, Toby is sleeping at my feet and I am getting creative!


Beadmetaler said...

Hey girl .... that is looking GREAT!! can't wait to see you wear it

Colleen #1

Mandy said...

Beautiful! I'm going to have to go to open bead day to finish mine!