Monday, October 1, 2007


Hey, we are home from Laughlin, we had fun meeting up with everyone, four couples went, Hi Diane and Gary, Hi Deb and Leonard, Hi Colleen and Greg! Hope everyone got home safe and sound!
We stayed at the Aquarious (use to be flamingo). I just can't understand Laughlin not trying to keep up appearances. It is getting really run down and old. It could be a really nice place with the river running by, but they just keeping running it into the ground, come on Laughlin get some remodling done!
Anyway, the concert was nice and casual, the chairs were uncomfortable but it was a very small venue, she came out in jeans and a t-shirt and sang some old favorites and some new stuff. All in all we had a great time...Oh and Debbie, Colleen and I went to a Cornfest...Oh what a time we had at the cornfest....hahahahaha!!!!! But those secrets are safe with me!! hee-hee!

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