Friday, November 24, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving day after!

I have been busy, as usual....

Took time out to go see Guns and Roses at the T-mobil here in Las Vegas.....

They put on one heck of a show! Sang and played for 3 hours, loved every minute!
Yeah, they might be a little older now but aren't we all!!
This band represents my teenage years, along with AC/DC and Bon Jovi,
 I had some great music to grow up on!

Me and my sister on the way to the concert!

Sometimes I like to stand out in a crowd!

HAD to buy the GnR bandana!
 In other news I took a cooking class, Fall dinners....Yum! We made this wonderful shaved brussel sprout salad with an orange vinaigrette, lovely! We made pan roasted chicken with caper and olive gravy, I like my rosemary mushroom gravy better, I learned that gravy at another class I took, it is really good!

While at SurLaTable they served me a Nespresso, I thought I died and went to coffee heaven!! I knew I had to get one, this one is 200.00 and comes with the milk frother,  but with the saleslady telling me I could have it with the black friday price 35% off, and my class discount 10% off.....I was sold....110.00!! Oh Happy Day!!!

Yes, George, I will have a Nespresso with you!!

                                            Oh my winter is going to be so warm and cozy!

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