Monday, July 10, 2017

The Pearl Dude!


I was surfing around YouTube looking for nautical card ideas for my stamping and card making....and I came across this video about pearls....I was was so fascinating to watch her open up these oysters that people had purchased and we get to see what kind of pearls they got inside!
You can order 1 or 20 or more, it is all up to you...then you wait a day or two and watch the latest upload on youtube and get to see your oyster be opened...You can buy jewelry to have your pearl set in, they have rings and necklaces and more....Well, then they had a Buy one get one free offer going on so I jumped at the chance to get my own pearls...I waited for my video to see what would I get, Oh I wanted a black and white one so bad.....I came really close, I got a midnight blue one and a light pink one, they are so beautiful...I paid the 2.00 extra to have little mounts on them so I could hang them on a necklace, since I use to make jewelry I have tons of necklaces and charms to make a necklace...
If you are looking for a great gift for someone you can buy the  oyster and tell them it is a present for so and so and they will put that on the video when they open the pearl for you!! So much fun!

Here is the video of them opening my oysters, she opens them at the 6;40 mark

I hope you go and support them, they are really great people, and you never know what color pearl you are going to get or you might even get twins! Sometimes you get 2 pearls in one oyster!!

Here is my necklace I made with my beautiful pearls:

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