Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Exercise, Photos and Quotes

 I had to move my treadmill into the house (was in garage) so we can store the boat in our 1 car garage and the racecar stuff in the big new garage. I wanted to make it feel like I had my own little exercise room. I moved out a bookcase and moved my dresser so I would have this corner open. I looked online at various home exercise areas and they all seemed to have mirrors and bulletin boards. I also printed out some of my favorite photos into black and white and framed them, I then cut a quote out of vinyl on my new cricut machine, I have various music lyric printed out all over my house so this had to be one too, I chose "Every picture tells a story by Rod Stewart, it is a great song and seemed to fit right over my photos! I love how it turned out! Will make my 3 miles a night a little more enjoyable. I still need one more quote over my board of inspiration...

I printed out inspirational quotes to keep me going

It's a tight fit but it works and I am happy to be able to exercise indoors
Here are the pictures I chose:
The linq's High Roller, I have ridden on this, fun!

Me, in Scandinavia, yeah I still can't believe I went there!!

I caught this cruise ship following ours, love this shot!

My hubby and I drove up pacific coast highway and I took this shot when we got to a pier for lunch
Hope everything is running smoothly for you, I have had some bumps and stresses during this transition of moving our office and shop back to our home, but I think by next month I will be settled in nicely....enjoy your weekend!

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