Monday, October 26, 2015

Expo, Wine and Winning!

We traveled to Ontario, CA for the last scrapbook trip of the year. We shopped and cropped at the expo, and ate dinner every night at the Ayres Hotel right next door, it is a wonderful hotel and we just love the people and accommodations.
At Expo, I got a Dave's Divas button and a Betty's Buddies button, you earn and collect buttons at each crop, Christy and Mary have lanyards full of them! I just wanted the two I got for my crop bag.

At the hotel restaurant I had the Fetzer Riesling wine, it was so good I found it here at home, Oh I can't wait until wine Wednesday when I can have it when I make shrimp alfredo for dinner!

The crop room was packed and there were waiting lists to get in to crop!
I would estimate about 125 tables at 4 per table for approximately 500 croppers!!

The winey scrappers!

Here are a couple pages I made:

Oh and for the winning part in the title of my post, Yep, I did it again! I won a raffle at the end of the night! I got the Spellbinder diecut embossing machine, a 200.00 prize that can cut and emboss 40 different types of materials! Whoo-hoo!!

Have a fun week! Talk to you soon....

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Tanya said...

Luckiest person I family, friends, and "stuff" in general. I know that old mantra, "What goes around comes around", fits you to a tee - I see it time and time again with you...CONGRATS ON THE WIN! And, no wonder you needed those slippers - that huge room, and those concrete floor. Glad you stayed toasty...LOVE the page for Sammy and his little sailor hat. XOXO