Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Thanks Chef Ludo!

I am not a big breakfast fan, I prefer savory foods in the morning, BLTs or a hamburger...when I go out for breakfast I usually order scrambled eggs because they say it is too early for lunch. I hate omelets, especially in restaurants, they always come out like shoe leather or a like a plate of rubber bands. I always want to order the veggie omelets, I love spinach and onions and tomatoes, I keep trying but every time I get a chewy yucky mess on my plate. But all that has changed now in my kitchen, Thanks to Chef Ludo, that little hunk of a French guy can make a damn good omelet!! And this morning he taught me how!

Tattoos, an accent, and loves food! Sign me up!
Let me explain, he was not actually in my kitchen, because if he was over, uh, we wouldn't have been in the kitchen...wink, wink!!

Last night Charlie and I watched "The Taste" we love this show and are so glad it is back! We like the fact that people are being judge on their food, not by the way they look, or sound, they cook a little taste of food and that is all that is judged, then the judges get to see the chef after they have placed their votes! Like "The Voice" only for cooking instead of singing. Then the chef's that get picked to be on each judges team get mentored by the famous chefs, Ludo, Nigella, Anthony and Marcus.

So last night Ludo had his team make a real omelet. I saw that omelet and thought, damn that has to be the best omelet I ever saw. Everyone said how light and creamy the omelet was, Yes! that is what a real omelet should be like!
My FABULOUS omelet!

I went to YouTube this morning and got a Chef Ludo video of him making an omelet and cooked right along with him! Oh My, that was the best omelet I ever had!! I am so proud and happy that I was able to make a real, beautiful, wonderful, tasting omelet!!
Thank you, Chef Ludo!!

Here is the video so you can watch and learn too! I used swiss cheese, I did not have boursin on hand, and I love swiss cheese and it was so great in this omelet!

Chef Ludo makes an omelet


My Garden Diaries said...

I so have to check out this video! Thanks for sharing friend...I am with you on the rubber so I am excited to see how he does it! What a handsome fella! Hope you are doing well you! Nicole xo

Colleen Mcgraw said...

looks really yummy