Sunday, December 21, 2014

Secert Santas and Racecars

I have to share the story of the secret santa...
Charlie's son Joe got his hands on the starting of a Dirt modified racecar.
Charlie has dreamed of driving on dirt and even though he won't race all the time, he would love to go try it out. He used to race on dirt in figure eight racing and loved it!
Joe built the racecar and gave it to Charlie for a Christmas gift. Everyone around the racing complex had to keep the secret and they had to keep hiding the car from Charlie because he would make the rounds to talk to everyone, needless to say it was quite an effort to keep it a secret for 6 months!!
Lots of people donated time or money to help get it built, mostly Joe doing all the work and buying parts when he could....
So 2015 will find Charlie and Joe racing their brand new awesome dirt car!
Joe, Charlie and the Dirt car!

He can't stop smiling, no really, he can't....

Still needs a little work to finish it but Joe wanted to give it to him before Christmas trip.

In other news, we took Ethan to see the Christmas lights they set up at the racetrack...Elvis, and is that for Christmas Lights!!

Well, I will probably check back in after Christmas....enjoy your family, friends. Merry Christmas!


Dasha said...

What a present! That is a bit more than the usual $20 limit on Secret Santa gifts. LOL

Colleen Mcgraw said...

That is was so cool of Joe....Charlie well deserves it
Merry Christmas Jackie, thank you for all you and Charlie have done for me, your friendship is priceless. Much love in the new year