Monday, August 11, 2014

Getting on with life....

Well my job did not work out as planned, so I am back to working for my husband part time and trying to book some travel for friends and family. I also try to keep 50 items in my etsy store at all times, I usually sell one or two items a month so that keeps me very busy.
Plus I love being a housewife, I am pretty darn good at it so I guess my plate is pretty full and I am so thankful for that!
Since I did not have to work Sunday (I was scheduled but by Friday I realized the job was the wrong fit for me) so I went with my husband down to Laughlin, he had a vehicle to see there, we get paid a fee plus mileage. Once we go to Laughlin we decided to travel a little further and go check out Lake Havasu and sit in the channel under the London Bridge and watch the boats go by...

We made a quick stop at the walmart to grab bathing suits, towels, chips and dip, ice, beer and wine and some beach chairs!

We arrived at the channel and found a nice shady spot and settled in, once you get a little hot you just stand in the water and watch the people go by, it was so relaxing and fun, we had a wonderful time de-stressing and we realized how much we missed the water!


Chipping out!

watching the world go by!
Here is the boat I would love to own!


Colleen Mcgraw said...

Glad you guys had some time to relax together this weekend you both deserve it. Sorry about the job but I do believe everything happens for a reason ...cheezy I know but I believe!

Tanya said...

HEAVENS - what is this world coming to when Jackie D. buys a one piece swimsuit?!!! Glad you had such a relaxing time, Chica and Mr. Chica!

Jackie said...

It is not a one piece, it is a tankini...and when you have to buy what is left on the shelves at lake havasu on a don't have a wide selection! hahahaha!! but no I was not going to wear a one piece!!

My Garden Diaries said...

Now that is living! Just heading out and being spontaneous!! Looks like the most perfect day! And how great that you know what works for you and what fits your life!!! Keep on rocking on friend! Nicole xoxo