Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Back to the cruise!

Stop number 3 on our Scandinavian cruise...

St. Petersburg, Russia!
Our excursion for today is: City highlights and Pushkin
Hang on to your hats, this is a 10 hour day and we got rain!! Not just rain but bone chilling cold rain. Jeff opted out and stayed on the ship, but me and Christy went all in! We took our warm hats we bought in Estonia when the weather turned cold and set out on our 10 hour tour!
Me in my woolen glory!

It goes on your head then the tails wrap around your neck and it is wool so the rain does not get in and you are so warm and toasty! I would have died a bone chilling death without this hat/scarf combo!
We hopped a bus with Sergey, the man loved his Russian history and he was full of it! So passionate about Peter the Great and all things Russian, and so nice, he kept track of all of us like a mother hen and when one of us got lost he went full out until he found the missing persons!
What a trooper he was!
He took us to Catherine's palace. We had to wear booties and check our coats, purses and umbrellas. It was madness and chaos, so many people, I never want to go through that again. But we survived.

Good Ol'Sergey!

After the palace he took us to a local restaurant, we had traditional Russian food, cabbage soup, chicken stew, cheese and bread, champagne and a shot of vodka! Oh hell no on the vodka, that was like tasting pure rubbing alcohol!! Crazy Russians!
They had singers and dancers come out, they were wonderful!
I just love a good accordion player!
We saw where royal people were entombed, gee, that's always fun...

Peter, he had little head syndrome
After that we walked around and drove around and saw so much stuff, it was a full day, but I was ready to get back on the cruise ship to a hot shower and glass of wine! We were soaked to the bone.
What an experience, I went to Russia. Hmmmm, I WENT TO RUSSIA!! Me, who said I would never leave my own backyard too many times to count! Never say never folks!
See you soon for a stop in Helsinki, Finland!


Tanya said...

You love a good accordion player, but say NO to Vodka - you crack me up, Chica! I LOVE that blue palace. Such decadent opulence in such a poor setting...Catherine was no little woman, either. I am SO glad you got to see this, even though you didn't sample the Vodka. Thanks for the goodies - I LOVE my YOU box!

Tisha Dolton said...

Wow! Look at all that gold! Looks like you are having a lovely time. Keep the pics coming!

christy said...

Wow-the memories!! I want to go back!!! Even tho it was cold & rainy- which neither of us like- I'm so glad we did it! Holy Crap! We were in Russia!

My Garden Diaries said...

How cool and wonderful is that! I really love that photo of you with your hat and scarf....it is fantastic! And I would so like to go to that restaurant for the ambiance alone! Your photos are stunning and I am so glad that you get to add Russia to your list! Nicole xoxo

Sara said...

You did see a lot of different countries! I'm going to Russia next week, and I'm really excited!!!