Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hot Patootie!

Well, that escalated quickly...I went from meatless to meatloaf!

Tuesday night, Tanya got us tickets to see Meatloaf's show at the Planet Hollywood.
Wow, we were in the fourth row! Me, Charlie, and Tanya!
Meatloaf is so dramatic when he sings and he puts his heart and soul into every performance.

Yeah, he may not be as strong and vocal as he use to be, but he gave us his all, and we loved it!
So much fun to see his role as Eddie in Rocky Horror play on the big screen while he sang along on stage, Well, we all were singing along, and then we did the time warp!! Wheeeeee!!

But my favorite was him singing Bat out of Hell, so dramatized with the big bat in the background and everyone singing along because you have to know all the words to Meat's songs, yes, when you meet him you call him , Meat, he told us we could!
He told a couple funny stories and sang till he could not sing anymore and we all went home, humming along to "I would do anything for love".  What great concert night, that was!


Tanya said...

Had SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun!!!

My Garden Diaries said...

You guys are amazing! Always living it up!!! This one sounds like a blast! And I have no idea why my comments aren't coming through correctly!!?!?! HMMMM....wishing you an awesome weekend and a Happy Mother's Day friend! Nicole xoxo