Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mom's Day!

Got some beautiful flowers from my son and his wife for mom's day! Thank you!
They smell wonderful!
Love you two, miss you!! xoxo!!
I am going to try a new recipe today, we don't go out to eat on holidays, too crowded and over priced.
I like Laura Vitale's you tube cooking lessons, and it is real cooking, real food and is real good!
Plus she is fun and happy, I like fun and happy! Makes life a little more enjoyable!
Here is the video, wish me luck:


Tanya said...

Happy Mother's Day, Chica - the flowers from your darling son are beautiful. Thanks for the evening at the rodeo, too - we always have too much fun! Good thing the husbands don't always want to tag along with us - they wouldn't have enjoyed the cowboys nearly as much as we did!

My Garden Diaries said...

Ok...this one I can do! Anything you can cook in one pot is my kind of meal! Love that picture of you and your son! And the flowers are so pretty!!! My grandmother's maiden name is Vitale! Happy Mother's Day pal! Nicole xoxo

Hindustanka said...

Happy Mother's Day Jackie!
Loving the bouquet you got - so pretty!
We also gifte dthign sto my husband's mom, I made a Mother's day shortcrust pie with grapes, it was yumm!
Th eonly thing mad eme sad is that I was once again far from my own Mom this day... But ok,we are strong girls!
Have a wonderful week ahead!

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