Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dinner is served with a little Dwight!

I got to have some fun on Saturday night, my friend Tanya got us tickets to the Dwight Yoakam concert at the Palms. We love to see him when he comes to town, him and Chris Isaak. Each and every time! Fabulous performers and singers!
Tanya picked me up from a hotel near her home, I had some points to spend and so I picked a Hilton close to her since I can't really drive at night. I can barely see my TV from my couch and it is only 10 feet away, hey, it's a bitch getting old. So, since Charlie was at the racetrack I just grabbed a room for the night and Tanya drove me to and from, she is awesome like that. I am blessed to have friends who love to drive everywhere, Mary NR is like that too, will drive anywhere! Thank you guys, I love you!
So, Tanya gets us to the Palms and I said I was buying dinner for her driving, we head to the cafe there called 24/7. The menu has some great stuff listed, Tanya decided on a chicken Caesar wrap with sweet potato fries, and I chose a grilled chicken salad with all kinds of stuff and a creamy chipolte dressing. Amazing food! She ate all her food and was dipping the fries in the chipolte dressing which we discovered was a fabulous combo! My salad was packed with strawberries, grapes, pecans, all kinds of goodies, it was delicious!!
I could not stop thinking about that amazing chicken wrap and fries she had and decided I had to try it for myself!
So here you go:
chicken breasts
flour tortillas
caesar dressing
parmesan cheese
black pepper- fresh ground please
some chipolte pepper sauce
romaine lettuce
a bag of frozen sweet potato fries

Grill your chicken: sprinkle chicken breasts with salt and pepper, fry in a pan with butter and olive oil until browned then pop in the oven for 15 minutes at 400*, take out and cover with foil to rest, at least 15 minutes, then cut up into bite size pieces.
In a large bowl add chopped romaine, grated parmesan, ground black pepper, some dressing, not too much, just lightly coat the lettuce, then add chicken, stir. Get your tortillas ready, add some of salad mix and roll and wrap in foil. Stick in fridge for about two hours. Mix some chipolte with some caesar dressing and put in fridge. When it is time to eat, bake the fries for 30 minutes and serve with dipping sauce and the wraps, this was a very good dinner for a hot windy night in Las Vegas!!

The brands I used, very good stuff!
And now for a little Dwight to go with that dinner, this song is very special to me and my hubby, I am a pisces, born in march and with Green eyes, yes, I have the green eyed, jealous monster raging inside me, so this song is our song, by Elvis, by Dwight, or by the Fine young cannibals, it's all good:


Tanya @ Bead and Needle said...

Awesome, all the way around! I will be trying out your recipe, for sure. And I love this song too - GREAT chaps...would have been better with no ass, but this works! ;-)

My Garden Diaries said...

Sounds like my kind of night! And thank you for sharing that wrap goodness! YUMMY! I have never seen Dwight before but love the tone of his voice! I will have to check out more of his work! And my eyes are terrible now! They were always great but now I have to really strain to read to the beans at night...time for glasses! You have a great week! SO glad you all got some good girl time! I am in need of some! Nicole xoxo

Mary said...

Indeed, for you I would drive anywhere! Recipe sounds yummy - I may have to try this one!