Tuesday, March 25, 2014

We scrapped, we ate, we wined!

Back from the Anaheim scrapbook expo! Got 10 pages completed, still have a couple more pages to go to finish my Europe trip book!
We stayed at the Double Tree Hotel near the convention center, walked back and forth, walked to restaurants. Love that!
We arrived Thursday, went to the store for wine and snacks, then just ate dinner at the hotel restaurant, very good food, had mushroom raviolis, my go to food right now!! The breakfast burrito in the mornings was phenomenal.
We set up at the crop and got to work, well, we talked, shopped, scrapped, then dinner Friday we walked to Buca di Peppo, then back to scrapping and wine. Back to the hotel for some sleep at midnight.
Saturday morning up and at it again, cropped, shopped, Mary F. joined us today for some cropping fun, we headed to the Cheesecake Factory where Travis and Rebecca met up with us, Rebecca's birthday is tomorrow so we gave her gifts early, Christy and I went in on a fit bit for her, she loved it!

We finished up Saturday night and packed it all up, got some sleep and I headed home Sunday! Another fun filled, scrap filled, wine filled, weekend with the girls!!
Mary keeping warm!

Christy and our scrap table!

Me and Travis and Rebecca, cheesecake was peanut butter!

The croppers, about 400 of us were there!

Got my Ontario layouts done in my travelling scrapper book!

Love the themes they come up with! I voted for pajama party for next time!

Trip to San Diego with Charlie in mine and his scrapbook.

San Diego baseball trip.

The farm in Italy we went to.
My next trip is my cruise to Scandinavia, so I must finish up my Spain and Italy book before I leave for that! Be back soon with more fun and exciting news from Las Vegas!


Tanya @ Bead and Needle said...

Congrats on the test, Chica! And, I can't believe how many people go to scrap - that a lot of bodies in there...how does it stay so cold? Poor Mary. Looks and sounds like a great time - glad you got to see Travis and Rebecca...AND you got another new FitBit BFF! Hooray. Happy Tuesday - ME

Colleen Mcgraw said...

Looks like you girls had too much fun!! your pages look great. How did the girls like the wine glasses you took them?

Dasha said...

Holy Cow! Just look at that hall - full of scrappers. Didn't realise that was so popular. Getting together with a craft group like that is great fun.

My Garden Diaries said...

This is amazing! I have always heard about these events and have often wondered what they looked like. This was mind blowing to see how big and involved these event are!!! Holy cow!!! What a blast! I am so in for anything like this that supports creativity!!!! Your pages are just beautiful friend! You did a great job! Wonderful week to you! Nicole xo

Mary said...

It was, indeed, freezing! Colleen said "wine glasses". What wine glasses? Hurrumph! Always a fun time with you. Guess I'm gonna have to come out there this summer since we're missing San Diego!