Sunday, December 1, 2013


So my son, Travis Carl turns 30 this month..Dec.23 to be exact!

So I scoured the internet to find unique way to celebrate with him, he lives in
California and I can't go see him due to my surgery on Dec. 20th....
After reading tons of ideas, I came up with this:
I sent a box to arrive by Dec. 1st inside is 23 gifts for him to open!! One per day!!

Here is Gift #1 he opened today! Cool shirt I found on etsy at
I think is going to try out for Duck dynasty or the Boston red sox????
I will update later in the month with more of the gifts I gave him, some were funny, some were serious. I hope he likes them and has a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Colleen Mcgraw said...

Wow what a great idea, he is going to have a blast opening all those presents.

My Garden Diaries said...

Oh friend!!! How sweet is this!!! What a great idea!!! I will have to remember this one!!! There are so many loved ones that I don't get to see all the time and this is just the most awesome way to celebrate!!!! I hope that your surgery goes take care and a Happy Birthday to your son!

Bead and Needle said...

Happy early Birthday, Travis...clever idea, Mom! XOXO