Friday, December 13, 2013

A little taste of Vegas...

My friend Tanya, who you know by now enjoys the many splendors of Vegas like I do.... every once in awhile we get out (ditch work) to enjoy this fabulous town we live in..this day was one of my very favorites!!
Reminds me of my favorite Christmas Song, Carole of the Bells!
When you want to explore Vegas, you have to be willing to fly by the seat of your pants, you have to be willing to go anywhere, try anything, and eat what is put in front of you...sometimes it turns out to be the best time of your life!
They are still busy building the magical place!
A polar bear in Las Vegas!!
A beautiful Rocking horse in the check in area of Bellagio!
We started out going to the Bellagio to see the changing of the seasons from fall to Christmas, but they were not quite ready for we took some pics anyway and moved on to, get this, Tanya told me you can hop a tram to the Aria and City Center and Monte Carlo from the Bellagio...who knew??

So we found the tram- not easy to find, just ask for help, and hopped on to the Aria, I was so excited, like a kid on the Disneyland monorail, I loved that damn ride, really, it was my favorite part of Disneyland!!! So I was grinning like a kid in the candy store...wheeeee....

We get to City Center and start taking pics of all the Christmas wonder....The decorations for Christmas in Vegas are pretty spectacular.....
The sun was shining just so that I could take a pic with the sun on top the tree! Awesome!
This tree was huge, no really huge!!
Tanya won't let me take her picture, but I snuck this one!!
Then as it is getting to be lunch time, (I have to eat every couple hours), damn low blood sugar, so I find Todd English Pub tucked in the corner and find all kinds of cool things on the menu, did I mention I was hungry, Yep, even Duck Buns and Puppy dogs sounded good!! Let's eat here Tanya! and as usual she was game, the same as me when she says "here hold this" and snaps my photo, only to find out later I am holding hair spray called Blow Pro!! hahahahaha! We make a great team!
Nothing like a mimosa when you are ditching work!
Yeah, that's how you serve a bologna sandwich!! Fabulous!!!
Don't miss this place..EVER!

So in we go to find a great place to eat, we choose mimosas to start, hey, you can't play hooky without drinking, right??? I choose the bologna sandwich and she chose grilled cheese, we split them so we can try both..Gosh Dang, that Bologna sandwich was to die for!!! I am going back for sure for that one!!!

Do not miss this little gem of a place to eat when you hit Vegas, you will not be disappointed!!

Then we decided to hop over to the fashion show mall so we could take pics of the beautiful decorations there, we shopped a little, Starbucksed a little, and then headed home....WOW, what a great day that was!!!

I can't wait for the day we go Vegas-ing and get on the new Ferris Wheel they are building, yep, she is the only one brave enough to go on it with me!! So stay tuned for that blog post, I am sure it will be a doosy!!!

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Bead and Needle said...

I LOVED this day - absolutely LOVED this day - NOTHING like "flying by the seat of your pants"! And I missed what was going on on your side of the table, because I didn't know that fabulous Bologna Sandwich came in a bag - FREAKIN' AWESOME!!! Probably how my grandpa carried his to work.

Nothing like a friend THIS close to your heart - THANK YOU for such a great day out! XOXO