Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Happy Homemaker Hint

I got a couple emails full of useful tips around the house and I also see lots of good tips and tricks on Pinterest. I finally remembered to try one this morning!
I make my own roast chickens to use for chicken salad or chicken tacos, etc. I used to buy the rotisserie chickens already done at the store, but they had started to be too dry and overcooked, they have to over cook everything now days, so I taught myself how to roast my own, it is not cheaper, precooked 5.99, raw is approx. 7-9.00 but mine comes out juicy and delicious every time!! I'll take it!

So getting back to the household tip, it is the one about peeling garlic in 10 seconds by shaking them in 2 metal bowls. I use about 6-8 garlic cloves when I roast my chicken so I needed to get them peeled. I did not have two metal bowls so I looked around the kitchen and found a canning ball jar, hmmm, I wonder if that will work. I dropped my 8 unpeeled cloves in and put the lid on and shook the dickens out of them! Opened the lid and waa-laa, peeled cloves!!! Yahoo! that was quick and easy! I popped 3 in the bird and the rest around the bird, rubbed him with olive oil and covered with lots of spices, onion powder, lemon pepper, celery salt, salt and pepper, poured some chicken stock in the bottom of the deep dish roaster and shoved him in the oven. cook 1 hour, remove lid, cook 1/2 hour more and you have your own chicken meat for what ever you need it for! I am making chicken tacos tonight!
I hope you remember to use some of the helpful handy tips, if you have any to share, leave a comment!
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Colleen Mcgraw said...

hmmmm I might just have to try that one…thanks.

My Garden Diaries said...

You have to be kidding!!!!! This is awesome!!!!! I am so down with roasting my own chicken because I like to get organic so thank you soooooo much for the recipe!!! And the garlic trick will be tested tomorrow!!! I can not wait to tell the garlic man....my dad!!! You have a great Wednesday friend!!!