Friday, June 21, 2013

First day of summer!

We all know by now that this is my favorite day of the year!

This is summer!
I get to wear sandals, tank top and shorts 24/7! Even at 11:00 at night! I love that, no more bundling up in sweatshirts and sweaters, like when I lived in California.

Love this outfit and I can wear it all night!
Out here in the desert it gets hot and stays hot! I think my best feeling in the world is when you go in a restaurant to have dinner and then you leave and you walk out the door expecting it to be cold because it is now night time, and then it hits you - the warmth of the heated desert night.
Oh heavenly bliss, I don't think there is anything better.

Just my opinion...

Oh, found this on pinterest, Love it!

I'm going to be getting a new tattoo in July when my son and his wife and my sister come to visit. It's our little ritual, go get tattooed!

I want an anchor with the Pisces fish swimming around the center rod, then a circle of small anchors around the large anchor, each to represent the cruises I have been on, I only get 4 to start, I have been on four cruises so far, but after each cruise I can add another anchor to the circle....yeah, something like that!
Showcase of Best Anchor Tattoo Design 2011 Anchor Tattoo Design
This one is cool, my kind of quote!


My Garden Diaries said...

Oh Johnny! My goodness! And those shorts are adorable! Good look with your new art! I am sure it will be fantastic!

Ronna said...

You can have the summers.....I'll take the winters!