Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Baseball, Wine and Friends!

I had a fun weekend visiting my friend Mary.
She lives in a beautiful home in some canyons. Each morning we walked the dogs through the beautiful countryside.
I was there to take in my first Wine Club Adventure and an Angel Baseball game.

With ten people tasting, you had to have 40 wine glasses ready, plus some food, Mary made a lasagne, she puts black olives in her lasagne, it's a Jersey thing, but it gave it a rustic flavor that was great! She also made some zucchini boats filled with a spicy black bean filling, I will be making that for my sister when she visits! Delicious!
The other couples brought appitizers, one couple brought brussel sprouts with bacon pieces, YUM!
The bottles and glasses at the end of it all!
The wine that night was Shiraz, it had to be from Napa/Sonoma country for this tasting.
I was so nervous I forgot to take notes, so I don't remember the names!

Actually my favorite wine was the wine Chris and Mary served on Friday night, a luscious Pinot Noir from Melville winery in Santa Barbara. But the Shiraz's were good and they go great with the bold spicy foods that were served. Hopefully I did not make a complete fool of myself with my lack of wine knowledge, everyone was so nice to this little wine newbie.
Love Angel Stadium!
Sunday we headed off to the baseball game, nothing like a little more wine (a cheap chardonnay), peanuts, and a hot dog at the good ol' ballpark! Chris had won some great seats in a raffle and we enjoyed a great game even though the Angels lost....it got pretty exciting at the end!

I would like to thank Chris and Mary and John (Mary's Brother) for a great weekend of wine, food and friendship! I had a wonderful time!


Colleen Mcgraw said...

ohhh sounds like fun and you know Shiraz/Syrah is my favorite

My Garden Diaries said...

My kind of weekend! Olives sound delic in the lasagna!! Yum! And as for the wine...a good glass with me goes a long way! Sounds like you had a wonderful time!!!

Hindustanka said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend :) I never been to such wine tasting gatherings, but would love to!
Have a wonderful week ahead!