Monday, August 6, 2012

Pool Time!

We had the chance to go to a friends house for a fabulous pool party, but after seeing their pool Charlie and I really want to add a little something to ours! It has been six years since building our pool and we had no idea all the features we could have incorporated but now that we had it awhile we want to make some changes, we spend all summer out there so we really need a comfortable space...
here is what we would like to add, it may be a winter project and I will skrimp and save for it so we can pay cash....but how about a rock formation to provide shade?? Would pay for itself due to the wind popping up and killing our umbrellas!
No slide needed, just a waterfall and shade in the corner.

Would also like to add a palapa to the sundeck, they have windproof ones!


Mary said...

Wow! Quite a resort you're building out there! I like it! Build that and we'll NEVER get you out of that pool! ;)

Bead and Needle said...

LOVE that umbrella! Love the rocks, too...a hammock for sleeping in at night, and you can sell the house!