Saturday, March 10, 2012

Empty Bowls...

our bowls

Charlies ice cream/cereal bowl the kisses are to show how big it is!!
Let's hope no one has to stare into an empty bowl tonight...I did my part in trying to ensure that someone did not go hungry. I went to the empty bowl benefit today with Tanya. I bought 2 bowls, one for me and one for charlie. Tanya bought 3 bowls, the money goes to the food banks so that someone will not go hungry! It was very noisy and crowded in there so I asked if we could go to the cafe where we have really great salads we like for lunch, she agreed!

We had a nice lunch then I headed to the mall to find myself an outfit to wear to dinner on Tuesday, my birthday dinner (the big 47!) with Charlie....guess what I chose a J lo outfit from her collection at Kohl's!! I love how she looks every week on AI...her and Angelina Jolie are my idols, damn, if I could be tall and beautiful I could rock this world!! Hee-hee! Well, I gotta say I did not look to bad in J lo's outfit, I will let you be the judge next Tuesday when I post the photos of me and The Man out to dinner!

So, that is all I have to say for this weekend...have a good sunday and remember to tell those you love everyday that you love them, please don't wait until they pass to write all the mushy stuff and say how much you loved them when you never even picked up the phone to call them or came to visit them!!
Peace out.... Jackie


Colleen said...

That was nice of you for your contribution and that is so true that you hope no one goes to sleep hungry!

I am sure you will look smashing in your J Lo outfit - as for Anglina Jolie - YUCK - she is a HO!

Enjoy your birthday and dinner and can't wait to see your J Lo Pics!

Have fun, Chica!

Bead and Needle said...

Had a fabulous day with a loved one, for sure...and then with a loved family, tonight. Your bowls are beautiful, as is the sentiment - have a wonderful day tomorrow. It's almost your birthday! Love you, Chica!!!!!

Colleen Mcgraw said...

The bowls are great! the reason for buying them is greater ....wished I could have gone this year!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow, my friend. Can't wait to see you in the outfit. Have a great time! Love you!