Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The big 47!!

It is my birthday today, and I think birthdays are more special than any other holiday, it belongs to you and you only! I always try to make birthdays special for my friends!

47....Wow, that is only 3 years from 50...eeeekk!!!
Stop the train, hold the presses..I am not budging from this number...ok, I said that at 44.

I loved 44, that was when Napoli played for the Angels and my baseball jersey fit me, haha. Ok, I am entitled to a little middle age spread. I worked hard for it, ok, scratch that, I ate a lot of good food for it!!

I better get on the treadmill, summer will be here soon and I do not care if I am 47 or 67 I am still going to wear a bikin at the pool...don't judge, I gotta be me!

Have a great day, I am going to do my best at having a great day!
Peace out - my peeps!


Colleen said...

Your birthday is one thing no one can ever take away from you so enjoy your day and your year! 50 is not so bad and neither is 60 - turning older is better than the alternative!

Did Napoli play for the Angles or the Angels??!!

You enjoy wearing that bikini - this body wouldn't even go near one but I do think that if you feel good in one, then you should wear it!

Happy Birthday, again, my Friend!

Bead and Needle said...


Colleen said...

By the way, that will be me with a cigarette at my 100th!!!!!