Saturday, January 21, 2012

Time Flies..

Well, I have not gotten to the cookies, so hang on for those...I did make homemade chicken pot pies today and will put them on my cooking blog soon!
The cookies are Pizzelles, my friend Tanya gave me a pizzelle cookie press for christmas and they are really neato! The italian cookies, like wafers, yummy! I will make some soon and blog them!
It is cold and windy here today so I am staying warm in the kitchen!


Bead and Needle said... picture. Good thing you stayed in - that wind is SO bad!

Just BE Farm said...

Jackie, Thank you for stopping in and visiting us!! What a warm welcome from you to the blogging world. We’re also thankful for your adding the giveaway to your sidebar!!! Your jewelry is amazing, our oldest son is going to have to stop in and check it out too. I think we are kindred spirits by the looks of your cooking blog as well, One of our favorite things to do every day is try to spend time together in the kitchen, we cook, clean up and have dinner together every evening and it's the most special time, we catch up on each other’s day and discuss our plans for the evening and following day. If you haven’t seen the 2 bags full blog about learning to knit you have to check it out. We served turkey pot pie!! Your chicken pot pie looks amazing! Thanks again for the welcome and we'll be following along.... We can always use some great recipes and inspiration!!

~Bobby & Eric~