Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Cook is in!

I guess the only thing I like about winter is getting to stay in and cook lots of neat stuff...I am going to make whiskey sliders tomorrow for dinner, from the pioneer woman's blog. I put a cool bang bang chicken recipe on my cooking blog, dang, that was good little chicken nuggets! Spicy spicy, I love it..made with sriracha sauce, which I discovered is awesome on my scrambled eggs and pretty much anything else you want to put it on!
So keep checking the cooking blog, tonight it is just good ole spaghetti!
Oh and I have some cookies to make tomorrow, wait until you see these babies!!
Stay tuned!


Bead and Needle said...

So funny...I was watching some cooking show the other night, where they were doing nothing but peppers. The sriracha sauce was on everything...including peanut butter donuts with a sriracha glaze!

Colleen said...

What kind of cookies are you making? I'm making Lava Cupcakes but you don't eat chocolate so you wouldn't be interested.