Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday night at Boulder Station???

We love to go to Boulder Station on Sunday is our little ritual...we go have dinner at the Mexican restaurant, where everyone knows our name, then we go to the bar and watch football or baseball depending on the season, have a couple drinks and play some keno.
We are home by 9 to go to bed and go to work.
Well, this week Charlie came to me with an unexpected expense, he needed to help Joe pay to get his car fixed, after all they have a new baby on the way, so I decided, no Boulder Station to make up for the expense. Instead I made Boulder Station come to us!!
How is this for creativity??? Yes, they call me creativecat for a reason!

Boulder Station has Paper Keno:

Live Keno on my laptop, and printed keno cards to play with!
Boulder Station has a bucket of beer,  glass of wine and chips and salsa as soon as we sit down at our favorite table!

Boulder Station has Live Keno and Baseball and Mexican music playing!

Boulder Station has Carnitas Tacos and refried beans and gaucamole!

Charlie was very impressed that I recreated our favorite hang out here at home! We had fun playing along with the live keno, eating our tacos and watching baseball!

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Bead and Needle said...

I (that's a BOLD I) am very impressed that you went above and beyond the call of wifely duty here, Chica! NICE are so clever.