Saturday, October 8, 2011

Don Henley and Scrapbooking!

Friday night we got tickets to see Don Henley at The Joint in The Hard Rock Hotel, I knew Charlie liked the Eagles music and thought this may be one concert he enjoys, I was right, he really had a great time!
Don Henley was great, he sang all the hits from the good old days...It was so fun to see Hotel California performed live, and everyone in the audience sang along! I loved to hear him sing Sunset Grill, one of my favorite songs.
What a nice night out that was!

Saturday found me scrapbooking all day at Sweet Retreat in Henderson, this was a crop put on by Chel at This was a fabulous day of scrapbooking, she had games and prizes, lots of goodies and even fed us hot dogs and more! It was all halloween themed and so much fun!
This is the candy table set up, all the goodies you can eat!
We played bingo for some really good prizes, but I did not win. We also played music trivia, yes, my table won that was all scary movie music! Can you say Ghostbusters and Thriller??
Chel puts on a great crop!


Tanya said...

I must say that seeing what you've always talked about going to, in real life, was very impressive...that room was full of creative energy, and the things you were working on were beautiful! What a great hobby.

Henley ROCKED! Great weekend, all the way around - thanks for letting me hang.

Mandy said...

I love the spooky treat table!!! Going to be doing Halloween festivities with my nieces and nephews this weekend, I'm going to steal the marshmallow ghosts on skewers idea!