Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sewing Class and Sammy!

I took my class to make a purse today at SewObsessed! Wow, that was fun! But it is a lot of work! Class was from 11:00 to 4:30!! I still had to topstich my handles when I left but came right home and got them done!I chose Vintage Kitchen fabric as the main fabric...I just love this and I learned so much!!

I really love how well made this is, thank you, Tanya, for teaching me I could make a purse! Everybody in class had a different spin on the purse and they all looked fabulous!

P.S. Just an update on Sammy, he is still hanging out, he loves to show up for breakfast then dinner and come in and lounge around the house, but then he wants to leave becuase he has business to attend to, I am hoping to get him to the vet to get clipped and checked out next month!

He is such a lover and a lap kitty, he loves to jump up on my chair and sit with me after breakfast! I have tried to collar him 3 times with breakaway collars but they last 1 maybe 2 days and they are gone, not sure if someone is removing them or he gets into tight spots and loses them. Anyway, Toby still hates him and makes it known he is not welcome here...Toby is such a grouch! I should have named him Oscar!!


Tanya said...

You ROCK, Chica - you did such a beautiful job! We usually don't go that long, but I wanted to make sure everyone finished today - the gal in the back had never done a purse before. LOVE this one with the kitchen kitsch!!!

And I love that Sammy, too...he is so pretty! I'll bet Toby needs some "pets" though...I still love him best!

MOM said...

Oy! such a kute kitchen katch-all bag. such a talent, mine little lizard!
sammy is looking so good. he must have had a home sometime, he is so friendly. can't blame ol' toby for getting's his house you know!! treat him extra good.


Colleen said...

As I said when I saw your purse, I love it and you did a real fantastic job - keep it going, Chica!

I love Toby and look how nice he just lays there and looks at the camera, not my kitties!!!!!!

Colleen said...

Oops, I guess I should pay attention to what I am reading - that's not Toby! Does Sammy ever want to spend the evening? He looks like my two Tabby's!