Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Anniversary #22!

22 years ago, charlie, john, debbie and I drove up to Lake Tahoe so charlie and I could get married!
We had a fun time and it was a beautiful ceremony, although I was so nervous I do not remember a thing!
22 years ago we promised 1 thing to each other and so far it has worked out pretty well,
It was "you take care of me, and I will take care of you".
Every marriage has problems and "speed bumps" as we call them, but we always go back to "our promise".

There are other tricks to staying married a long time, we always say I love you everyday,
and we always stay affectionate, hold hands, kiss, etc.
We try never to say anything mean or hurtful, and treat each other with respect, compliments go a lot further then smart ass remarks. Although we do love to joke around and play,
we know never to get serious and hurt each others feelings.
 It has been a long winding road of ups and downs and twists and turns
but we learned to enjoy the ride no matter what!
Happy Anniversary to the man who makes me smile every day,
I hope we make it to Hawaii in 3 more years!


Mary said...

Happy Anniversary! Don't forget that one of the tricks is to like the person you married! The great part of being friends with you is that you never "husband-bash"! Hugs to you both, and have a great day together!

Colleen said...

Best of everything to you, my friend, and you two are sooooooo cute together!!! Hope you had a wonderful evening out tonight - can't wait to hear about it!!!!!

The best to Charlie as well!

Luv & Kisses, girlfriend!

Tanya said...

Happy Anniversary to two of my favorites! Here's to 22 more!!! XOXOXO Tanya

Colleen Mcgraw said...

Happy Anniversary guys!!! Not too many of us stay married this long and still really like the person we married. You are right there are a lot of tricks to keep a good marriage and it looks like we know them all!

MOM said...