Friday, January 28, 2011

Seven Things!

Tanya over at BeadAndNeedle awarded me with this Blogger Award, I thank you most humbley!
In return for winning said award, I must reveal 7 interesting little tidbits about myself and pass this along to 10 other bloggers! Since I love a good game, I accept your award, so on to the tidbits...
1. I love to take surveys, questionnaires, and fun little items like this, so on to more exciting tidbits.

2. I love Pineapple anything, hardly anyone knows this because most people don't like it so I never get to make anything pineapply!! But I love the look as well, paper, fabric, decorations, but I never indulged on it, it is one of my hidden little secrets!

3. I use to hate the water! All water, drinking, ocean, lakes, pools, all of it, I hated anything water. Once our friends Joe and Mary took us to Lake Havasu and showed us the ropes about waverunners, I was hooked on water, I remember fondly gliding along on my own private little boat (waverunner) and watching the clear blue water pass below me, the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair, I fell in love with the water that day. I have since been on cruises, boats, and built my own swimming pool which I love to lounge in all summer!

4. I was tested in reading class in elementary school, I came back reading at college level. I know this does not help with spelling or grammar, but I can read anything you put in front of me and comprehend it!

5. I love classic rock and blues but when I am all alone, it is good old soul music that I play. Otis Redding, Temptations, Bette LaVette, Solomon Burke, Dramatics. It moves me.

6. I owned my own house cleaning service for 10 years. I did all the work myself, one house a day, Monday through Friday. I loved it and I made good money, I was home by noon everyday. It was the best job ever!

7. I love classic cars, my husband loves race cars. He sees no point in classic cars. You have to drive them around real slow (that is what I like about them!) One day I hope to own a 57 chevy bel air, black and  white and chrome. I want to rebuild one with my son, it is on my bucket list! Maybe it will have to be me, him and a future grandson? hmmm?? He is all grown up and married now!

Anyway, there you have it - 7 things you may or may not have known about me....

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Bead and Needle said...

OK, I am SHOCKED at the water thing!!! Who would've figured YOU not in or around water.

My sister hated water too, but it was because she didn't want to get her hair wet. You should have seen how fast she could come out of the water on skis...if she could just glide in and keep her head above water on the "landing", she was a happy camper - if she ate it, it would be the end of our happy day! :-)

I can SO see you driving that classic car - boys are so dumb!

Bead and Needle said...

AND, I am buying you a Pina Colada at the next concert, Chica - those do have pineapple, right? That's why I drink Crown and Diet...I know what's in it! :-)

MOM said...