Friday, February 26, 2010

Art and Soul

Wow, what a whirlwind 3 days! We checked in monday night, I stayed at the Paris and Christy stayed at Bally's. We ate our meals at Paris and we shopped and had classes at Bally's, it was fun and we got a lot of exercise from walking back and forth! Tuesday morning we ate crepes at The Creperie, I had the suzette, orange slices and cream, it was yummy, christy had the neopoliton, various fruits and cream.

Tuesday 10:00 am found us in class with Julie Haymaker Thompson
What a fun and informative teacher she was, had all supplies ready for us and had instructions, she demonstrated and then set us off to work! If we had questions, we asked but it was fun to have a purpose and have the guidelines of what to do and what we would leave with. I say all this because wednesdays class was not like this at all and it was a horrible mess.

Here is my creation from Julie's class, the class named her Tiffany because of the blue color I got when I painted her and she is a little on the elegant side, like a Tiffany Jewelry box!
Her full name: "Tiffany Buys A Fish"
I still have to add more beads under her skirt as I did not bring enough to class, they will be on the white half circles, I have one already there! Her little crank turns and plays a music box with the tune of  It's a small world! I just love her to pieces!!

Tuesday night after class Christy and I had dinner at Le Provencal, I ordered the Cheese Ravioli, oh my gosh it was amazing!! I will be trying to make that over on my cooking blog so check there in a few days!
Then we went to christys room to watch American Idol.

Wednesday morning we got up and ate in the Le Cafe, it was ok, nothing to write home about basic breakfast, eggs and bacon and french toast.
Our class was with Susan Lenart Kazmer, soon as we got in class she announced her stuff was on sale, everyone wanted to buy her work so that took about an hour to get all over with. I was not there to buy her stuff, I was there to learn to make my own stuff?? She had tools on a table she demonstrated the tools and everyone was all gaga about them and asked where do we buy them, she said on her website for a lot more money then if you searced the tools on your own. So she said go cut and sand copper, bronze and silver pieces, so that is what we did for the rest of the class. My pieces have nothing to do with the bracelet we were supposed to make in class, see for yourself:
I had to connect my things the only way I knew how since she never told us how to attach stuff, I was so frustrated because even when I tried to ask for help she was so busy tending to people who purchased from her (the lady who bought a 1200.00 bracelet got lots of attention) or her groupies that could not stop drooling over her, that regular students had no chance to even speak to her. Christy and I decided to leave at 4:30 even though class did not end till 5:30, we knew nothing was going to change in the last hour.
Big fat disappointment! But it is a live and learn process, Christy and I have taken many many classes from quilting to scrapbooking, altered art to jewelry making. We have experienced many teachers and this woman was by far the worst we have ever come across!!
So after class Christy and I hopped on the monorail and met Tanya over at the Hilton and watched the Pink Floyd tribute band, see previous post! All in all we had a great time hanging out and being sisters again, it has been a long time. We will be together in April when we travel to San Diego for Scrapbook expo 2010!!


Bead and Needle said...

I absolutely LOVE "Tiffany Buys a Fish", clever girl! I would have been SO disappointed with the second class, too...what you have posted looks nothing remotely like what was in her class description or the picture. ANY paying customer in a class (no matter how much they have paid for "extra goodies) paid the same amount UP FRONT as everyone else, and is just as important as the next person...everyone deserves an equal amount of time/or attention (coming from an ex-teacher).

Anonymous said...

I love your Tiffany. Did your sister's come out as cute. With the charm bracelet, did you ask the teacher? I would have asked for my money back if the teacher couldn't help or refused to help. Sorry you were bummed out about that.
Pat K