Sunday, November 29, 2009

Concert Time!!

I got tickets to see Dwight Yoakam saturday night in Primm.
Tanya and her son Louie went too, Louie drove, Thanks Louie the traffic was hell but you got us there!

Wow, I have been listening to Dwight's music for years and thought he would not be good in concert, wow, I was wrong! He came out singing and never stopped, all the good stuff too!!
Little Sister, Back Of your Hand, If there was a way!! I was bummed he did not sing Suspicous Minds, but he did start it and turned it into To Love Somebody......Real Nice! Oh and that little shaking and twisting and butt wiggling was worth every penny you can spend on a ticket to see him!!!

I wanted to share this video, I know you have to put up with the crowd noise but it is the best one I could find, this is just how it was for us last night, same clothes and band and we were sitting just a couple more rows back...Yeah we had great seats!! Thanks Tanya for being a Dwight Yoakam Fan and sharing the man with me!

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Tanya said...

DWIGHT NIGHT with Jackie D! What a wonderful end to a holiday weekend. That boy certainly rocked the house, but I knew he would!

And we had plenty of entertainment provided by two blonde "hair band" bimbos that looked like (as Jackie put it) they were a week too early for the Bret Michael's Rock of Love concert! No, we will NOT be going to that one.

We will go back to see DWIGHT again, if anybody is interested next time round. Tanya