Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas was early?

Charlie and I have been saving up for a big flat screen tv, sunday we decided to take the plunge and buy it so we would have it in time to watch 3 football games on thanksgiving...last week Colleen backed me up in picking out the fireplace mantel that would house the new TV....I needed to know it was not too cheesy, she confirmed that is was a nice piece of furniture for 500.00.
Well, on sunday we got a 47 inch flat screen from costco..a vizio 1080p and 240hz, don't ask what that means we just know after researching flat screens that those are the numbers you want!
We got home and I made us a nice chorizo breakfast, then we got to work, putting the fireplace together...WOW, this fireplace thing is very substanial, heavy dark cherry wood, the hardware for the piece is heavy duty stuff. We finished and it looks beautiful, got the TV up and running after hours of cables and connections and etc..we have to have our stereo reciever set up to play music off the tv and out to the pool, then we have the dvd player and our dish network reciever...whew! We finished up and turned off the lights lit the fireplace (uh, pushed the on button) and put some christmas music on the TV..Charlie was impressed, the fireplace looks real! And it has a heater that heats up to 400 sq feet, just enought to make the living room nice and cozy! I now have to find two small bookcases too match it and then a coffee table and two endtables, I may just stain the ones we have?? Gotta think on that one! So Merry Christmas early everyone!


Amanda said...

This looks great Jackie. Enjoy the games on Thanksgiving!

Colleen said...

Hey Girlfriend!

It looks fantastic - glad you love it! There is nothing better than a big screen TV! Enjoy the parade and the games on Turkey Day! Have a super Turkey Day and enjoy your meal!

Colleen Mcgraw said...

Jackie, it looks so cozy to see how it feels with a nice hot Latte in my hand ... hint hint.