Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chris Isaak!

Last night charlie drove me and the girls...jerry, june, tanya out to primm to see chris isaak!
He was funny and charming and sounded great as usual, this has to be about my 10th time seeing him and he never gets old, his music is great, some soft mellow songs and some rocking songs, some blues and he even did a little gospel, some oldies and some pop...if you ever get the chance don't pass up seeing him, his concerts are fabulous! A fun time was had by all!
Next stop Van Morrison!


Tanya said...

Funny - I posted this exact same picture to my eBay group this morning! Great minds...

Had a wonderful, ROCKIN' time! Thanks for taking me along - Tanya

Mandy said...

Saw on facebook that you went, glad you had a good time. Saw him on valentines day this year, he was great!

Van Morrison is great in concert too, you'll love it!