Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Charm Swap!


Here are the charms from the latest charm swap, the theme was Las Vegas, I was the host as we all know how much I love Las Vegas!

The charms were amazing!

Next swap, creepy scary halloweeny! Our Elvira of a host is Tanya!

I can't wait to see what this creative group comes up with! Stay tuned!!


Tanya said...

The Vegas "Hostess With the Mostess"! Thanks for cookin' up a great swap! By the way, I looked at your zoomed up picture and what kind of incompetent jewelry maker left the jump ring on those cherries almost open? Sheesh! You might want to close that a little before they fall off. :-)


Tanya said...

OK, so this is a "clarification" for all that may come along later...I thought it was ME that was the incompetent jewelry maker that didn't close the jump ring on the cherries - not our talented Jackie! I was laughing at myself for sending it out that way...Ohhhhhh, never mind! :-)

Love, Tanya