Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday ramblings

Nothing much going on right now, Travis and his girlfriend Rebecca are coming to visit friday, so I hope it is not windy, we are going to hang out in the pool. Maybe I will bbq up some ribs, corn and salad.

Summer is in full swing, and I love it! Nothing better then Pina Coladas poolside!

I am taking a cooking class on July 17th to learn to backyard grill, since we have a big grill outside I really want to learn how to use it more and cook outside so I don't have to turn the air down to 60 to cook inside!
Well, have a great week and get out and have some summer fun!


Anonymous said...

Wellllllllllllll, I am just going to HAVE to get you Bobby Flay's cookbook, now that you are into grilling! :-) Tanya

Colleen Mcgraw said...

I would like a tequila sunrise please

colleen myler said...

Hey Girlfriend! That doesn't look like a Pina Colada but whatever it is, it looks good!

Your inside cooking is doing well, just remember to read the directions thoroughly, don't add a full box of pasta and remember to add the white truffle oil to the Fontina Mac & Cheese!

You will do fine Chica-Chica!

colleen myler said...

I do want you to fix me one of these! It looks better than the regular Pina Colada!