Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fun at the pool!

I made a pineapple cup for my pina colada! Just cut the top off a pineapple, core it out and put in the freezer until drink time, then it is ice cold and stiff, pour your pina colada in and it will keep your drink cold and yummy!! Don't forget the umbrella and straw!!

Me, Travis and Rebecca at the golden nugget shark pool, we just had breakfast at the buffet, it was horrible, it use to be real good. Plus Travis drank too much last night so he is hung over and has hat hair! Had a fun time hanging out in the pool, hope they come back soon for more pooltime fun!


colleen myler said...


Looks like y'all had a good time! How was the girlfriend?

Kept looking for you to change your blog!

Chica Boom-Boom

Anonymous said...

Travis doesn't LOOK hung over...he probably could have handled one more! And hell - my hat-hair is MUCH worse than that! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time, IN SPITE of the breakfast. And look at you cookin' and entertainin' now - you and your Pina Colada cup! I think I'm watchin' a cookin' show...Jackie Flay! :-) Tanya

Anonymous said...

Hey Jackie!!!
Thanks for the birthday wish. Colleen first listed my age as 54--I am only 53!!! :)
I saw the anniversary present from your husband. It is stunning. Can't wait to see it in person.
Perhaps you can help me set up my blog. I will attempt it on my own.....
Things are going well for me. I take my nutritional shakes religiously and am starting to exercise on a regular basis. My health continues to improve and I am no longer on prednisone. At one time, I was on 19 medications and now down to 4 on a daily basis. The next step is to volunteer and help others.
I miss you and the grins and chuckles. My sis thinks the world of you and so do I. Keep enjoying those pina coladas and hug your hubby because he is a keeper. Take care!! See you at Christmas. Kimmer

Amanda said...

This looks delicious. I want one!

Mandy said...