Thursday, August 14, 2008

Trade show and other good things!

The first photo is the latest trend, instead of the italian charm bracelets you buy clear lockets and put little charms in them! Oh fun! I love my italian bracelets and wear them all the time but now I can wear my peace sign with all things I love in it, of course my locket has: wine glass, peace sign, guitar, cat and cup of coffee!! I am way too predictible!
The second photo is a shot of all the peace sign stuff I found, 2 bracelets and a wallet, and peace pendants, plus my new locket....
Had fun wandering around with Colleen, we hit all 3 shows, jewelry, gifts and merchandise. We parked at the Venitian and walked across to the Mirage in the morning, got that show out of the way and walked back to the Venitian, had lunch at the Grand Lux Cafe (highly recommend that place for lunch!! They have great food!) Walked the gift show then the merchandise show, it was getting crazy with people packing up since it was the last day so we left. We were out from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm!
All in all, very fun to do and it so much fun to have a business license and get to see all the new stuff and trends, it always inspires me to really get my store up and running full speed....I will try very hard this saturday to stock up my store!


Mandy said...

Great finds, isn't that show fun, especially the last day, getting all the great deals!

Amanda said...

Very cool. I have never heard of the new Italian charm locket I love it.