Saturday, January 5, 2008

New stuff!

I love my living room! I have 3 trees now and each one has their own lights. All 3 lights sets are different. and when you turn them on the room has a nice soft glow and with the candles burning, it is real comfortable. The tree by the jukebox has a switch on it that when I use my foot to turn it on it turns on my digital picture frame on the cd rack, too cool. Everything is back in place and I am real happy with it, it is much nicer in person, but you get the idea!

Ok here is the picture from class yesterday...the beaded bead, it was actually fun to do. The focal bead is 5 crystals all put together with beads that turn it into one big bead, neat concept!
You are supposed to make 5 of them and make a bracelet but thanks to betty's idea of just using one bead to make a bracelet, I went home with a finished bracelet, I also got an A in class!!

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Mandy said...

Love the lights on your trees! That's the thing I miss the most after taking down Christmas is the lights. What a great idea! Your bracelet turned out great, love it!