Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My new year!

The Biggest Loser started last night, couples edition. It looks like it is going to be an interesting one.

It was January 1 st, did everyone start exercising for the new year??
I have 5 months until the pool opens again, so yeah, I worked out last night, back on my treadmill after taking December off. I only need 1/2 hour 4 days a week. I am not overweight for my height and bone structure just real mushy so I have to tone with weights and treadmill. I would love to have Jillian as a trainer but since that won't happen I can always try out the stuff on her website: Jillian

I added a couple new songs to my exercise mix...davy jones theme from pirates of the caribbean, that one is cool, it starts out with the music box theme and then gets real intense so it is great for when you go to uphill on the panel.
Then I added Heroes by nickelback, love that song.

Jewelry classes start again this friday, and I am taking a neat calendar class at fernes stamp club on the 12th, then I have the desert newcomers luncheon on the 16th.

I have my scrapbook retreat coming up in March in Newport Beach, which I will be attending alone due to Mary's husband decided to take her to Galapagos Islands that same week, gee, how can she pass up scrapbooking to go see some of the most amazing creatures on the face of this earth. I actually had to go read up on Galapagos islands, wow, she is going to see some very interesting things on those islands!! I may have to do a post all about that place!

Since I am really getting into traveling and taking all kinds of classes and as always good food and music...I thought I would use my blog to highlight travel spots once a month, then we will have music monday, and I will try to get my husband to eat at new places so I can do restaurant reviews more. And you will get to see all the things I make in various classes.

So stay tuned for what will be a fun and educational new year!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah - it'll be tough, but I think I can go to the Galapagos for two weeks. I am really going to miss scrap booking with you, though - I look forward to our time together! Maybe I'll just have to come to LV!