Sunday, December 16, 2007

Jewelry Christmas Party

Today was the big christmas party exchange at Mandy's house, wow, we had tons of great food and tons of love passed around! I had picked June's name and June had picked my name, how cool was that!!! June is a doll maker, I have always admired doll makers, my grandmother was a doll maker and she never got around to making me a doll, my grandma is now in a home suffering from alzhiemers and no longer knows who anyone is. So June pulling my name was a leap of faith...I now have a doll made from a real doll maker, and June made a doll to represent my cat Toby!! She will never know how special this is to me, I don't cry easily ( I have to be tough to get along in this world) but I did cry at home in private, I know the love that went into this gift and I will treasure him forever...Thank all my new friends I have made in jewelry class, you are true Gems!!

Mandy did a wonderful job hosting, her home was fabulous, don't you love how she decorated her table, WOW! I put a picture of mandy and otis and elvis, Troy was out being the wonderful husband he is and went christmas shopping for his wife while women over took his home, thanks Troy we had fun! There is a photo of me and my cat doll and June opening her Fairy necklace I had made for her, she was very happy! Everyone had fun, ate too much, and just enjoyed the time together. Here is a photo of the wonderful job June did in recreating Toby...what an amazing gift..Merry Christmas everyone!!


June Haskin said...

Hi Jackie: I am so pleased that you love the cat it makes it so worthwhile to know someone appreciates
what you did.

I do not have a blog to brag about my necklace but
every time I wear which is almost everyday I get great
comments and I am so proud to tell them that a good
friend made it especially for me. I cannot wait for
my son and his family to see it.

June Haskin said...

By the way I also cried when I read your comments.

Thanks so much June