Saturday, December 15, 2007

Be Happy!

I had made this bracelet a couple classes ago, Colleen Mcgraw had found me the little bee charms for it, too cute! Well, today I made the pendant to go with it in class today! Wow I love it! I have to figure out what chain to hang it on and I need to add more bees and I am looking for yellow and black beads instead of the orange and black crystals, but I should have a nice set by the end of january! The copper and silver together is just marvelous! you have to cut and burn the copper then you hammer it, add a rivet to secure the two pieces together, lots of work and make the silver art clay piece!! Whew, everyones turned out great, what a fun class today!!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, this bracelet is soooo cute, I love it, you are really creative, all you bead girls inspire me to want to bead, bead, bead.
Mandi's Mom