Wednesday, November 14, 2007


This was my table at the Newcomer luncheon, I was selling my card bracelets and my bookmarks. They are fun and fast gifts for your friends and family! The card bracelets are 20.00 and the bookmarks are 10.00.

If you need a certain theme or special charm for a bookmark let me know and I will design one for you! I will try to get some up on etsy tomorrow or friday. I made 200.00 at the luncheon!

The food was great, vegetable lasagne and fruit salad and bread and cheesecake.

Lots of fun! Here is a picture of Ferne selling her Tastefully Simple stuff, geez, her table smelled great, she was making me hungry!!

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Mandy said...

Way to go girl! I went to your Esty shop, did you already sell everything you posted?