Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Class #3 and #4

Class #3 was a resin class, I made the necklace to go with my bracelet..the resin bezels say "All you need is Love".
Class #4 was a bracelet in crystals so I made the bracelets to match my snowflake necklace I made in an earlier class!
I love them all, what fun!
Ok No more classes till the 26th when we play with silver art clay again!
Stay tuned for more fun in the sun....yes we still are in the 70's and 80's...ain't it cool!!


Beadmetaler said...

Love is all you need.

This really turned out so cute ... I might have to make me one, I love the red lettering.

Your charm holder has been accepted into Lapidary Wire magazine, they told me they are sending the contract out to me.

Amanda said...

That's awesome Jackie! Congrats on the Lapidary magazine bit, you rock.