Monday, September 18, 2017


I have been enjoying The Masterchef show this good, I really thought Cate was going to win but she got booted last week...UGH! Don't really like the 3 that are left Eboni, Dino, Jason...but I will go with Jason, because he has the best attitude of them all....such a nice guy, and happy all the time!

So I really wanted to try a chocolate souffle after watching them make some a couple weeks ago...

Wow, it was not hard at all and Baby doll, (Dino reference there!) my husband loved it!!!

I can only eat a couple bites as chocolate does not sit well with me....but what I did taste was sooooo yummy!!!

I made a healthy dinner of Salmon, rice pilaf, and green beans, then made the souffles with homemade whip cream to go with....Wow, I impressed myself! That is Sangria in my glass, goes well with chocolate!


I am not sure which dish I will try next....hmmmm?????

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